Tekedia Mini-MBA Special Live Session – “Coming & Thriving in America”

Tekedia Mini-MBA Special Live Session – “Coming & Thriving in America”

Tekedia Institute is proud to announce the introduction of a Live session – Coming & Thriving in America. The goal of this session is not to move Africa to America, but to provide knowledge systems which will help African professionals in diasporas to thrive. The course will run for 2 hours on a Saturday, and it is 100% LIVE. The course is broken into four sessions:

  • Preparing at home nation: this focuses on playbooks and critical things one has to do before journeying to America.
  • Integrating into the American system: this focuses on skills and things one has to do to integrate and find value within the US system upon arrival.
  • Harvesting the efforts: this explains career strategies, business ventures, and options after capabilities have been developed in the earlier phases.
  • Connecting back to home nation: when established in America, how to link those capabilities to the home nation.

To register for Tekedia Mini-MBA, check below.

NB: The current Tekedia Live which runs on Saturdays will be unaffected by this new course.


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