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Nigeria Needs Leaders – Men Of Intelligence, Competence, Pragmatism, And Unimpeachable Character

Nigeria bleeds with hopelessness and joblessness. Increasingly, our challenges are accumulating because our leaders have not tacked them with the ‘fierce urgency’ they deserve.


Who could have made Nigeria better. We are not talking  necessarily about a President of the nation. Just a leader that can rise without a title and move the nation. Do you know that Warren Buffet has mentored a generation of Americans in investing. Bill Gates remains an icon for young entrepreneurs. Ok, it could also be the President, today or next, but we want a leader.


Today, we say we anoint one person to be that leader. That person is simply named NaijaLeader.

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NaijaLeader is my choice to build Nigeria. He possesses the intellectual rigor and business experience that Nigeria needs to invent itself. I have always seen nations as equivalent of corporate entities where innovation and competitive capabilities do not happen by chance.  In the global innovation economy where knowledge has emerged as a key factor for competition, who occupies Aso Rock, Nigeria’s seat of power matters or the federal labs matter.


He is a leader we can be proud to engage other world leaders like David Cameron, Barrack Obama, etc. He can prepare us for a post-petroleum era with his understanding of economics and business. This man has lead company Boards, founded companies, and does not need Nigerian money.


He is closest to the paradigm in developed world where they excel in private sector and then join government to help their nations. NaijaLeader is humble, simple and will lead Nigeria with dignity, honor and integrity.


If Nigeria is honest with its quest to develop and join the league of emerging economies, NaijaLeader is the right candidate. No argument about this except that in Nigeria we play chess with our futures.


NaijaLeader has the capacity to rally the nation in honesty, hard work and raise our imaginations beyond where we are today and move us to believe in ourselves and create the tools to make us build our nation. He is someone whose goals will not just be to keep government running, but one who can help the nation dream a bigger, larger and glorious vision that generations of Nigerians will unite for.
NaijaLeader is that man who can create a society to engage our brightest minds in government by evolving a new political system designed to solve problems, rather than holding offices. A good man who can engineer Nigeria into rebirth and restoration to offer a prosperous nation that is colorful, fluidic, vibrant and open for change.


This man will help us solve our problems instead of thinking that World Bank and IMF will. Aid agencies will discover a man who understands the convoluted nature of the new international economy and will be more effective.


Yes, a person of immense intelligence, competence, pragmatism, and unimpeachable. A person of integrity, broad knowledge, enormous vision and solid experience; one that can stimulate more vibrancy in the private sector and move the public sector out of its stasis.
NaijaLeader will tackle corruption and stabilize democracy. And yes, give us electoral reform to remove stagnation, circuitous legal component and time-waste to get parliament focused on their work as soon as possible after elections. This is one of Nigeria’s brightest stars, but our stars rarely light the stage.
Our nation has enormous challenges and opportunities, from energy to education, security to transportation, health to jobs, and once in a generation, there is an answer. An answer that will prepare us for a New Nigeria through economic vibrancy; holistic, innovative and fluidic process for cooperation and conflict management; technology creation; pragmatic leadership and indeed heal us.


The answer will provide a Nigeria of openness- to goods and services, ideas and innovations, people and culture- where all tribes will share in unified dream and destiny of unlimited promise and hope. A nation where a boy not born in the Emirate or Obanate or Obinate will have equal opportunities as his peers on those feudal kingdoms is the one the answer will usher.


The answer will bring respect, clout and influence in the international scene and propels our citizens to greatness where the brightest of the land stay in Nigeria. It will be an answer that gives us joy as we experienced when in primary schools we sang the Anthem.  Honor, Dignity and Service- a treasure to our heroes’ pasts!


That answer is NaijaLeader. He will create a generation for regeneration of Nigeria. He can rise without an election. He can become someone bigger than the elected officials. Nigeria needs  NaijaLeader.

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