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African Entrepreneur, Have You Tried BiD Network? They Have Got Some Nice Tools

BiD Network sources and selects business plans of small and medium sized enterprises in emerging markets. BiD Network offers tools to the best entrepreneurs, paving the way for them to access finance.


BiD Network offers investor matchmaking services, runs the business plan competition; and the BiD Challenge, from 17 countries.  They also engage thousands of entrepreneurs, experts and investors from all over the world to stimulate entrepreneurship and economic growth in emerging markets.


Things they offer:

Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 14 (June 3 – Sept 2, 2024) begins registrations; get massive discounts with early registration here.

Tekedia AI in Business Masterclass opens registrations here.

Join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and invest in Africa’s finest startups here.

  • Entrepreneurs: access to a worldwide platform to make your business plan visible; receive professional feedback and assistance from business coaches; get exposure to a network of investors, experts and business partners and a chance to win prize money.


  • Investors: unparalleled access to screened and filtered small and medium sized businesses seeking finance.


  • Companies & NGOs: the opportunity to share the competence and expertise network of your organisation with thousands of entrepreneurs in developing countries. Engage your employees, invest in SMEs and get a network, market insight and possible return on investment.
  • Professionals: the opportunity to make a difference by sharing your business expertise with entrepreneurs as a coach, screener or jury member. Enjoy a wonderful experience with entrepreneurs in emerging markets, broaden your insights and possibly get a stake in a change-making business.

BiD Investor Matchmaking

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of any economy. Better access to equity and finance can stimulate the growth of SMEs, jobs, income levels and economy. Through BiD Network Investor Matchmaking, quality businesses and their entrepreneurs gain access to worldwide finance markets consisting of experienced Angel Investors and SME funds.


BiD Network Investor Matchmaking matches investors with highly committed entrepreneurs from developing countries, seeking from USD 10.000 up to 1 million USD in finance. Most deals range from USD 50.000 to USD 250.000.

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