Thank You, Good People – He Got A Promotion

Thank You, Good People – He Got A Promotion

This is to thank the community for your strong intellectual response to support our small community service on impacting practical knowledge to our people. Many write about challenges in our schools; here,  I write to note that there are many ways we can harness the capabilities of our professionals to elevate our graduates. From MNCs to our startups, many answered our call for guest faculty. My team is working on finalizing everything (we still need more hands, click to learn more). I want to quickly thank all. Also, many schools have reached out on how to integrate our programs into their curricula. We do not know how that will work since we do not claim any accreditation! 

But as that develops, I want to share this testimony from one of our current participants (edition 1 of Tekedia Mini-MBA). I spoke with him – a new GM in an amazing company. We can prepare a new generation of young leaders right here. I am confident that our June 22 edition will be better across all metrics.

“Sir, I am overjoyed. I just received a promotion. On Thursday, I sent to my CEO a Covid-19 Continuity Plan, using the template you made available in Tekedia mini-MBA class. Early today, management asked me to present it via video. Ten minutes ago, I received an email from Head Admin that management wants me to execute that template, and they also promoted me. I am also getting a refund for my personal investment on this training. I want to say thank you to all the faculty for this service.”

Seeking Guest Lecturers for Tekedia Mini-MBA Program



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