Thank You Tekedia Mini-MBA Donors and Patrons

Thank You Tekedia Mini-MBA Donors and Patrons

I did not know it could happen: people sending money to a school account, anonymously. We want to thank YOU for supporting our mission to democratize quality business and leadership education. I write this to feel fine that I thanked you – Thank You.

Dec 30, 2020

  • Patron/Donor
  • Tekedia General Fund
  • Tekedia Institute, USA/Nigeria

Dear Sir/Madam,

Appreciation for Your Partnership

This is an open letter to thank you for your generosity by sponsoring some people to Tekedia Mini-MBA. Because your support was classified “Anonymous”, we are unable to write to you directly. Nonetheless, we appreciate the catalytic impacts of your decision in the lives of the recipients and want to use this medium to thank you for the kindness.

Tekedia Mini-MBA is transforming lives and companies through our world-class programs, delivered by some of the finest thought-leaders in the world of business. Our community cuts across industrial sectors and we have received inspiring testimonials.

On behalf of our Faculty, Staff, Co-Learners, and Fellows, I want to thank you for your partnership with Tekedia Institute.

As the New Year arrives, we wish you a GREAT profitable season.



Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Lead Faculty, Tekedia Institute


I just unmasked one donor – and I want to thank him here.


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