Outperforming Your Capabilities And Fixing Root Cause of Failures

Outperforming Your Capabilities And Fixing Root Cause of Failures

Whenever you have a setback, besides looking at the outcome, spend more time on the process that leads to that failure. A student who graduated with a poor grade in a university should examine his/her actions in school. It is only by looking at that process that the student will avoid repeating poor grades in future life endeavors.

If you worked hard, gave your best and ended up with poor grades: the world has a future for you. That attitude will lead to opportunities. Do not beat yourself down!

Companies hire top graduating students not necessarily because they are the smartest BUT because being the top of the class symbolizes dedication, commitment, and focus. The implication is that if the student (now worker) commits to those principles at work, the company will win.

Simply, grades are barometers to ascertain your tenacity level: can you set a goal (here A-grade) and get it done? I was a bookworm in university: yes, the too-much reading type because I knew I was not the smartest in class. But I knew if I worked hardest, I would come on top.

That is a principle I apply in life: put extra efforts, knowing that the biggest failure is NOT fixing things that lead to failures.

This piece was culled from this article which I wrote in the past.

The Biggest Failure is NOT Fixing Things that Lead to Failures


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