Thanks Great FUTOites for Inclusion into Notable FUTO Alumni List

Thanks Great FUTOites for Inclusion into Notable FUTO Alumni List

Last week, I received communication from the National President of my undergraduate alumni association that my name has been included in the Notable Alumni list. Before my name made it, the list had only three people. You may wonder that we joke that if FUTO (Federal University of Technology, Owerri) graduates decide to sit at home, most technology departments in oil & gas, telecoms and banking sectors in Nigeria will stall. Yes, we have extremely distinguished professionals in Nigeria and beyond. Yet, the leaders in our alumni community have set the standards so high that making the list is just hard.

It is a moment because when your classmates, senior colleagues and junior ones honor you, you can be sure you are doing something right. As a village boy who came to city the first time to attend a university, I knew that FUTO was made for me. I found success in FUTO, and I admire our tradition of excellence. There are few universities in the world where you could graduate with three degrees in one: I left with three, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Computer Engineering. For us, it is the three-in-one – a potent certificate that allows a graduate to simultaneously look for job in many areas at the same time. FUTO gave me all I needed in an undergraduate education.

Award from FUTO to Prof Ekekwe

It was a magical transformation in the first year through the GST (general studies courses) where the professors deepened our knowledge on Philosophy and Logic.  As I wondered why it was necessary for engineering students to learn of Thales, Socrates and all those guys, the next semester used those foundations to expand our mathematical science of numbers, postulating validity in mathematical constructs.  Yes, mathematics is logic and the origin of knowledge goes back to Philosophy.

Then in 3rd year, they connected the mathematics with electronic logics and electrical circuits. By the time it was getting over, they had transformed us into makers and creators.

To my fellow GREAT FUTOITES, I want to say THANK YOU. We are all notable alumni because we are FUTOITES.

I am Ndubuisi Ekekwe – I’m Built FUTO-tough.


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