The Access Bank’s N50 Billion BOOST

The Access Bank’s N50 Billion BOOST

Good People, what is happening in Nigeria at the moment is very painful. No one is happy and everyone should put efforts on what could be done to change the trajectory. We are reaching out to the (evolving) youth leaders to see how Tekedia Mini-MBA could offer training, and work with our partners at least on internship placements. Economic hardship is severe and the soul of the nation is dying with the lootings. But we can reverse that trajectory.

So, the news that Access Bank has earmarked N50 billion to support Nigerians through interest-free loans and grants to communities, young people, and SMEs (micro, small and medium-sized businesses) is commendable. Herbert Wigwe continues to lead; he won my person of the year a few years go.

Access Bank has announced N50 billion in support of Nigerians through interest-free loans and grants to support communities, the youths as well as micro, small and medium-sized businesses.


According to the bank; “Now more than ever, we remain committed to our purpose of impacting lives positively.

” In light of the recent occurrences, we will be supporting Nigerian businesses with N50billion interest-free loans and grants. Watch this space for more information.”

The support by Access Bank is expected to help business owners and entreprenuers alleviate and stimulate economic activities, as well as produce many positive multiplier effects on the economy.

“As a way of supporting SMEs and the working class of the country following the recent damage of properties and livelihoods experienced across the nation, @myaccessbank has rolled out interest free loans of up to N50bn.

I call on other companies to look beyond governments and see what they can do in Nigeria. American companies rattled by the demons of systemic discrimination are rising to do what governments have failed to do at scale. From Chase Bank to Bank of America, most are pushing to invest in minorities communities. Nigeria needs an equivalent because we have just seen: even the rich are running away from their mansions as young people have their lists! We have to empower them to have enduring peace in Nigeria.

We can do it – FIX Nigeria.


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15 thoughts on “The Access Bank’s N50 Billion BOOST

  1. Any gesture that can help businesses and individuals to stand on their feet, is always welcome; that’s how a strong and viable nation emerges.

    Anyone looking up to government is never ready to work, government should become an afterthought for now. People can join hands to build happy and livable communities, you don’t need any government support to make it happen.

    Good one from Access Bank, hopefully the accessibility will be as seamless as dialling phone numbers, anything that introduces a layer of frustration or misery is not a welcome guest for now.

    Keep them coming…

  2. This is a very good idea, truly we need to look beyond what government is doing concerning our economy, we can create a business system that will improve our lives.

  3. Thank @accessbank for this move which I knew will push other Banks and international community to come to the aid of Nigerian youths.
    Thanks once more Access Bank.

  4. Can someone who is looking for capital to start up small scale business benefits from this offer that access bank is about to give out as loan .

  5. what a good idea by Access bank. This is a welcome development where Nigerian youths can have access to free interest loan, this can really go a long way in helping young Nigerians to boost their businesses and as such will translate to economic growth.

  6. Access Bank haven’t cease to surprise its customers of their enormous pages this is coming like this. Hope every benefit from this. I need 2 million for loan.

  7. Hello!

    When I started reading, I was so impressed and proud of the organizers of this great opportunity. But as I continue to read, I saw it was indicated that interested applicant has to pay 140$ or 50k to register! Well, I hope it favour’s those who are interested to register and pay!

    But my question is; what about those who don’t have money to register? Besides, I thought it was organized to reverse/change the trajectory of economic hardship and stimulate economic growth? So, do we think it would be preferable to register for free stipulating a standard of assessment for every applicant, just for the sake of those that cannot afford a meal (watching the Lootings on YouTube I held a lot of people saying they don’t have food to eat) but are graduate?

    However, the choice is CEO’s, forgive my intrusion if it does not make sense.



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