The President Xi Jinping’s Tough Words – Update Your Supply Chain Risk

The President Xi Jinping’s Tough Words – Update Your Supply Chain Risk

President Xi of China dropped some hard words in his keynote during a ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteers (CPV) army.

People, update your risk model: a war can break. Yes, while everyone is looking at the economic tension between China and the US, China is worried about the flanking which the U.S. plays via its Asian neighbors.

From every indication, I do think a confrontation is imminent between China and US, not directly but via proxies. The problem is that small countries which allow themselves to be used will bear all the pains while these two elephants will just test their expired bullets and grenades. 

Yes, disposing old war machines or expired gunpowder through war may be cheaper than doing what environmental activists have put together on how to handle explosives during normal times. China and the US should chill: we do not need wars. There needs to be a way to live peacefully in this world. I hope many agree with me.


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One thought on “The President Xi Jinping’s Tough Words – Update Your Supply Chain Risk

  1. There is no way to live peacefully in this world, the world was never created to be peaceful. From ancient to Roman history; from Oriental to Greek history; from medieval to modern history, they were all dotted with wars and conquests, and it’s never going to stop, only the nature and tactics might change.

    The world doesn’t revere weaklings, only the powerful are feared.

    Just like in Troy, “weak people talk about peace, while the brave talk about WARS’; I will never forget that line.

    When you have lots of shiny toys to play with, it’s always attractive to test them on some people or geographic spaces…


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