The Air Peace’s Chairman (Allen Onyema) Interview

The Air Peace’s Chairman (Allen Onyema) Interview

Air Peace is serving Nigeria; people should support Allen Onyema (chairman of Air Peace), and his team, to continue to serve the nation. His interview in Tribune does not make Nigeria look good. We need more business leaders like him.

A report from the Johns Hopkins University’s Steve Hanke just listed Nigeria, Venezuela, Iran, and others among the most 10 miserable countries in the world with Nigeria assuming the sixth position. Yet, when we find success, we harass people. We try to destroy our own.

It is painful to read Onyema describe how Nigeria is making things hard for him: “Deliberate falsehood, some of them even said we have four of the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft in our operations. We don’t have 737 Max 8 in our fleet”. FAAN, Nigeria’s aviation regulator, has confirmed this and yet Air Peace is suffering because coordinated evil people want to take this man down. Air Peace should not die because Ethiopian Airlines suffered with Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. We need to do better in Nigeria and make some fake news punishable!

People should stop thinking about where I come from and stop treating me as “this Ibo man”. Have they bothered to ask that if this man should shut down Air Peace tomorrow what would become of the fate of Nigeria at large? You cannot just pick up an aircraft immediately because it’s not like a car. To set up an airline is not easy. Something happened with Ethiopian Air and Air Peace is suffering it in Nigeria. What is our own business there? Initially, they said they were using old planes; those aircraft are junks, etc. When we bought new ones, they said our aircraft is unsafe and they are now calling for my head, as if the incident happened to Air Peace.

Deliberate falsehood, some of them even said we have four of the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft in our operations. We don’t have 737 Max 8 in our fleet. Last year, we ordered for 10 of it and we should be applauded for buying 10 brand new planes. However, our order can only be actualised in about four years time, not now. We don’t have Max 8 aircraft in Air Peace.

So why are they trying to de-market us? More worrying is the ethnic angle, with them saying;”greedy Ibo man. He bought dangerous aircraft to kill Nigerians and has refused to send the planes back”. Meanwhile, we don’t have such planes. We are becoming a wicked county where success is not appreciated.

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It used to be “success has many friends, failure – an orphan”, actually that was then. The new normal is ‘success has many haters (enemies), failure – fake sympathisers’; welcome to the new world!

Just check around you, from your immediate environment to across the globe, the most hated are actually the successful folks, not really because they committed more evil than the wretched folks, but because a lot of people simply cannot withstand seeing others being successful.

And when you find yourself in the midst of low information public, it becomes even more complicated, because not many people have the intellectual capacity to verify what they hear or read, so any misinformation or falsehood is equally treated as though it’s credible.

Mr Allen Onyema shouldn’t worry so much, all he needs to do is to continue to deliver excellence, when haters are angry, let him know that he’s doing something right; so he can even ramp it up more, to increase their miseries…

This world is not for the fainthearted, they will simply crush you any time you waiver.


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