The Amazing Innovators At FutureScope Academy

The Amazing Innovators At FutureScope Academy

These young people will do well. They jointly wrote us for our edition 2, asking for support to attend Tekedia Mini-MBA. There was no way any person could refuse an offer from many students, jointly writing, to have an opportunity to attend your course. We have tracked how they are developing, and they are impressive. Tekedia Institute is proud to support the amazing young people in FutureScope Academy. Last week, the course on AI developed by Microsoft business leader, Wale Olokodana, was opened for a secondary school which asked for access. If your school needs support, let us know. Our programs are delivered by business leaders and they bring practical elements that truly help learners.

Good morning Tekedia,

It has been a wonderful time of learning and innovative mind-blowing exposure to solving identified problems and converting values for means of exchange. Tekedia has been so helpful and worthwhile. With this, FutureScope Academy decided to include two more students, because we want them to have this same learning curve and experience that will help them turn innovative in their quest of being problem solvers in the society.

We are forever indebted to Tekedia for giving our students the  opportunity to enjoy world class learning. Thank you for putting value ahead of money. We believe the favour you granted us to be knowledgeable, informed, “change agents” in the society will come back to lift our great nation up and make Tekedia proud.

FutureScope Academy


1. Advance your career with Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sept 13 – Dec 6, 2021): 140 global faculty, online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Click and register here.

2. Click to join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and own a piece of Africa’s finest startups with a minimum of $10,000 investment.

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One thought on “The Amazing Innovators At FutureScope Academy

  1. Ayoola Tejuola Mobayo · Edit

    Good Prof sir, am a ardent reader of tekedia posts and follower of yours on LinkedIn.

    Your prescribed solutions are what amazes me and I love to always go back to read and reread again.

    Sir, I know a free model would not only wash off the inestimable value and quality of your MiniMBA program but would even set the wrong notion about you and the program.

    But am itching to attend the program but I lack funds or should I say supports. I’m currently out of job due to Covid19 and getting another now is proving challenging but I know if I could just take the program, it would be invaluable to my career and future, I hope I’ll would be able to sponsor other prospects in nearest future.

    I’ve read how many that have attended have been able to design solutions that have opened the door for them interms of jobs opportunities.

    I know if I could just be able to take the program, I’ll be able to also come up with a solution that would open up to opportunities.

    I’ll like to know if there’s any scholarship opportunities or any help I could be rendered to achieve this height sir.


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