The Benefit of Taking That Short-Term Job To Gain Experience

The Benefit of Taking That Short-Term Job To Gain Experience

Dear African Youth, there’s no excuse for laziness! There’s also no excuse for being idle!

I’m writing this because many days ago, I spoke about the fact that there are jobs in Nigeria and that no one should hide under the cloak of no jobs and sit idle at home or engage in fraudulent practices. Such a post would be incomplete if I don’t fully explain how to go about it. Yes, getting that job.

Remember, I don’t want to be like some folks who texted you there’s a problem and that you should do something about it but don’t give you the process on how to go about it. This post is about the decision you need to make about getting a job.

I have had the opportunity to mentor or should I rather say advise lots of people on career, skill acquisition, course studying, and self-development. These people range from undergraduates, dropouts, graduates to even working class.

Now here’s the problem a lot of people face: They get caught up in the decision-making process about what to do that would result into a long-term success achievement. I mean the course to study, the skill to pick, the job to go for and all like that.

I’m not going to tell you the actual decision to make, I would just give you conditions surrounding the decisions. So, if you’re out there and you’re probably an undergraduate or graduate seeking for a job but you don’t have enough qualification, or you’ve not gotten any job and you’re financially handicapped or you are just at home, then try out short-term job or temporary job.


From the (phrase) itself, short-term job is a job you engage for a short-term with the intention of moving on after the short-term to another job. It could be for 3 months, six months, a year, 2 years and even five years depending on the purpose.

There can be several reasons engaging in a short-term job. It could be because of money, or experience, or exposure or connection but I bet you, one way or the other, we all may or will engage in a short-term job at a point in time or another, and it could be in form of a side hustle as well.

The first piece of advice I would give you should be not to sit at home and be complaining there aren’t jobs. You should engage in a SHORT-TERM JOB. Either working for money or experience or whatsoever but get out to find one.

Mind you, when on the search for a short-term job, depending on the reason you’re going for it, never make the mistake of rejecting all the available options because the short-term job seems menial.

I have personally mailed some entrepreneurs to help them with their laundry earlier this year to raise some funds. Fine, I was writing as a profession, but I had few job offers around a particular time so in order to increase income, I had to opt in for another job. It’s called short-term and its purpose was to boost my finance.

One key thing to note here is that when it comes to short-term jobs, never let the opinion of others hinder you from making the right decision.

This is what I mean: Let’s assume you study mechanical engineering from a university and you had no experience. To qualify for better jobs, you’d need experience. Why not sign up to meet to learn under a mechanic? It might look very stupid, but common, it’s a short-term goal and the moment you begin to consider what friends would say about you, that moment you begin to consider not signing up for it.

One of the largest tailoring entrepreneurs in Aba now studied law. Today, he employs more than 60 people in Beyond, bringing his university training in the business of making wears. His processes are better than the typical artisans. After school, he did not get a job. He went back and mastered tailoring.

Perhaps you’re broke and you need finance and no job around but some hotels have cleaning jobs, why not sign up to work there and receive some financial boost?

Your friends would see you as poor, right? Well, were you rich with the debts you owed? It’s a SHORT-TERM JOB! As you do that, do not lose focus that it is just a short-term job.

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