The EU-funded CTA Profiles Zenvus

The EU-funded CTA Profiles Zenvus

The EU-funded CTA profiles my agtech business – Zenvus. In Zenvus, we brought the fusion of electronics, AI and data to engineer a new agriculture framework that makes farmers businesspeople. Simply, we remove guesswork via precision technology, transforming a hitherto process devoid of cause-effect into one that is data-driven. The impact: higher yields. At the moment, Zenvus works with governments and cooperatives even though we give our Zenvus to selected individual farmers for development and experimental purposes.

Advanced sensory technology is connecting smallholders in Nigeria with information about their soil health, helping to take the guesswork out of farming.

Farmers in Nigeria are accessing soil data in real-time to better manage their crop growth and access financing that was previously out of reach. Zenvus, a precision farming company, has created electronic sensors with in-built GPS, which are placed in the soil to measure pH, nutrient content, moisture level and temperature. The data collected from different farms is aggregated and analysed according to location, and the appropriate advice is then provided to farmers via a ‘SmartFarm’ web and mobile app. Using this data, farmers are able, for instance, to apply the correct fertiliser and optimally irrigate their farms, leading to enhanced farm operations, reduced input waste, and improved productivity.

What Is Zenvus?


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