The Evolution of the “United States” Trade Organization (UTO)

The Evolution of the “United States” Trade Organization (UTO)

There is no need to remind me that the U.S. government does NOT support an American citizen as the boss of the World Trade Organization, WTO; Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is an American through naturalization. Yes, the US Government is vetoing the ascension of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala over the person she defeated, another amazing woman – Yoo Myung-hee of Korea. But note this: it would not matter. The internet has already broken into two – the U.S. and Chinese internets. Trade is going to be broken into two – the US and emerging world versions.

U.S. concern is clear – we have given so much for others to rise. Possibly, Yoo can reverse that since Ngozi will see things from the angle of the emerging world which seeks more opportunities which, most times, the developed world will have to give out. It is not a zero-sum game: someone has to win or lose in balance of trade because the message of the rise of all, and not few remains globally tribal.

But before you insult Trump, this is not a Trump policy. During Obama’s time, they did the same thing and blocked Madam minister. But that blockage was early in the process that few knew.

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But poor Yoo – how would she feel after she was defeated and yet handed the trophy? This world is indeed intriguing. If they go ahead and install Yoo, it would be the same result: you take the exam, or win the game, but another takes the trophy. I am not sure how Yoo will function when she knows that someone had beaten her, and because of the sound of that person’s name, the job was given to her. Yes, since Ngozi is an American, you cannot say it was because of her nationality.

I wish the US had chosen a different path on this: why allow NOI to go this far before this veto? Perhaps they expected her to lose, but unfortunately, for them, she won. This is not democracy in any way.

Yes, I miss my Ovim village; we have complicated this world in the name of industrialization and civilization. It used to be the World Trade Organization but the superpower has updated it to the “United States” Trade Organization. You see why I like the Oriendu market in my village – trading there is easier!


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2 thoughts on “The Evolution of the “United States” Trade Organization (UTO)

  1. The WTO is overdue for reform. If 163 out of 164 countries can be hijacked by one, the word democracy, democratic etc., should be expunged from the dictionary. Stop taking people for granted for God’s sake!

  2. The problem is that many people who gave opinions on this WTO thing are not qualified to do so, but when you see ‘congratulations’ flying everywhere, it makes it difficult to look at these things dispassionately. What exactly is the job of WTO? Not many people are aware, but any globalist organisation is viewed with so much reverence in some parts of the world, while they are greatly despised on the other part.

    From UN to WHO, from WTO and their like, which of them really have enforcement power when the big guys vetoe or go contrary to rules? It’s all hot air, they are there for the small guys.

    The UN has how many members? Yet only five really run things, and within the five, only two are really powerful; we know these things, yet we keep pretending as if anything has changed.

    Well, the US is not under any obligation to support a candidate from Africa or anyone we admire, it remains their prerogative and more about national interest, they already see WTO as being pro China, and therefore largely worthless; nobody takes permission before slamming tariffs on goods.

    This world is owned by few, but if you decide to console yourself that humans or nations are equal, well, good luck to you.

    Being a superpower means a lot…


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