The Innoson Motors Vision, Building Africa’s Largest Indigenous Car Company

The Innoson Motors Vision, Building Africa’s Largest Indigenous Car Company

Chukwuma Innocent,Chairman of Innoson Group, the maker of Innoson motors brand, explained his vision in any interview which took place a month before he launched the largest indigenous car manufacturing company in Africa. His words:

I am going to launch a car in one month’s time that people can easily buy in Nigeria with small money. I am looking at about N3 million. The car will be big size, which will have air conditioning, automatic gear and other comforts that will make it easier for all. I am not just interested in the Nigerian market alone but the African market. I believe that anything you are doing do it well and if properly done it will market itself.

Over the years, he has crystallized that statement made here into

  • Our Brand: The 1st Made-in-Africa automobile brand
  • Our Purpose: To eradicate “tokunbo” (foreign used) automobiles from Africa
  • Our Vision: To become the pride of African roads i.e. Africa’s most preferred automobile brand
  • Our Mission: To make durable and affordable brand new automobiles for Africans


Move Over Toyota, Kia and Honda, Nigeria is Innoson Nation


Innoson Vehicle Motors – Brand Photos with Prices


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