The Knowledge Show Begins on Sept 12 2022; Pick a Seat Now

The Knowledge Show Begins on Sept 12 2022; Pick a Seat Now

We invite you to a new 12-week show beginning on Sept 12 2022 at Tekedia Institute.  Titled “Knowledge – a factor of production”, it will help you to discover Knowledge as a factor of production and why it is critical in modern companies. We have many group/bulk registration benefits. Pick your seat in the next Tekedia Mini-MBA here

5-star show and rated “E” for everyone. (Beat the early bird registration and get extra benefits.)

Welcome to Tekedia Institute. We run an amazing business school which has attracted professionals and students from 39 countries. Our Faculty members come from Microsoft, Shell, Flutterwave, Nigerian Breweries, Jobberman, Coca Cola, and other great organizations. Thrice weekly, I personally coordinate live Zoom sessions on the mechanics of business systems. We bring our Faculty and Guests on those sessions, covering industries and business domains. REGISTER today and join us! – Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Lead Faculty.

Registration for Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 9 (Sep 12- Dec 3 2022) has startedRegister here. Cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program.

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Comment: Its always been CELL – Capital, Entrepreneurship, Land and Labour! 

Definitely, Knowledge was always in the mix but not conspicuously spelt out. Because to get capital to fund production, you need knowledge. You need labourers with knowledge (technical know-how) too. You need knowledge for the best location (land) to situate your products, business etc. And you need knowledge for risk taking, for prudential distribution of finance, management, hiring the right people (all these and more are the Entrepreneurial touchpoints). It would be nice to see the direction this new professorial thought will lead. Keep making us proud sir!

My Response: Yes indeed, it is now “conspicuously spelt out” because it is the foundation of all the factors.


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