The Lacuna in the system

The Lacuna in the system

Many bright students still fail, they are sedulous but failure still occurs. Often times the lecturer becomes the culprit. It’s either the sadist lecturer failed me, that lecturer doesn’t know the course or the semester was too short.

While these reasons above might be genuine, there is a lacuna in the system.

We need to LEARN how to LEARN. Nobody teaches us how to learn even during those lengthy and boring orientation sessions. All we are told is that we ought to study hard, burn the middle night candle, Read and Re-read etc.

While a one hour mandatory class on LEARNING HOW TO LEARN would have made all the difference in those esoteric courses on Electromagnetic fields, thermodynamics
Econometrics, quantum mechanics /relativity, Pharmacology (endocrine), Real analysis, anatomy, and biochemistry, etc. we had to take.

That no one teaches us how to learn is no excuse really. I mean what do you use your YouTube sessions for?

In my final year as an Electronic Engineering student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, I wanted to improve on my performance and research took me to Marty Lobdell – Study Less Study Smart and the Feynman Technique. And my final year performance (GPA: 4.91/5.0) was the best I ever had throughout my five years in college. I only wished I discovered these techniques in time to make learning easier.

I imploy you to follow those links to learn how to learn and improve your performance in any field.

If a method is not working, change it.

If it’s not optimal, change it.

If the method works, improve on it.

Do more of smart work.


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