Your Best Customers

Your Best Customers

In this Harvard Business Review piece, I wrote “While expectation can help you stay in the game, top firms meet the perception of customers. Perception is the king of business. Unfortunately, few firms get to that level. Perception is providing to customers what they never expected or imagined they needed. But the day they see the product or service, they will embrace it en mass.”

Your best customers are not those in the current market demand. The best customers are those you would use your products to stimulate demand. When you do that, you become the pioneer and the category-king. Glory will come because you would enjoy the first-mover advantage. Steve Jobs used the same to develop the iPhone/app economy

The Perception Demand Construct is a construct where you work on things which are not really evident to be in demand. Yet you go ahead to create that product. The demand may not be existing but you are confident you can stimulate it. Yes, you do believe that your product can elicit demand and grow the sector when launched. This is different from existing demand which could be met via starting a web hosting company or selling light bulbs where you know people actually need those services.

What this means is that your best customers are latent and only you can discover them. Part of it is stimulating the demand for your product.


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