The Leading (Tech) Business Model Emerging In Nigeria, Africa

The Leading (Tech) Business Model Emerging In Nigeria, Africa

Data is the new oil, they say.  But the acquisition of data, well before the refining phase, is not easy. Data at scale is enabling new business models across industrial sectors. Around the world, one business model has been tested, and it is evident that the hypothesis has been validated. Aggregation and integration at scale – the Aggregation-Integration Construct (AIC)- is the business model of the 21st century. Most emerging Nigerian and African technology companies are riding on that. At the global arena, the AIC powers more than 90% of the top 10 leading technology companies. If you want to start a technology business today, in Africa, and it does not have the inherent elements of aggregation and integration, think again. In this video, I present this Construct using examples from many sectors.


The Aggregation Construct


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