The List Is Ready – Finalist in Pivot 25 Quest for $75,000 (Payments and Mobile Commerce)

Finalists in Mobile Payments and Mobile Commerce for Pivot25 Kenya. Pivot25 is a one of a kind Conference and Competition. Spread over two days, on the 14th and 15th of June at the Ole-Sereni Hotel, Pivot25 will showcase developer talent and applications from across the East African region. So why now and why the name Pivot25? Well it’s quiet simple. The Continent and the region is at  the cross-roads of  a technology revolution. A revolution that is able to propel it and it’s citizens out of the often seen cloudy crystal ball of poverty, corruption, wars, famine, doom and…The following are those that were shortlisted in the payment and mobile commerce category.



Kopo Kopo by Kopo Kopo, Inc – A software-as-a-service mobile payment gateway for small and medium sized enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa. The service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Jamobi by OTB Africa Limited – A mobile software solution allowing members of the informal sector to effectively carry out book-keeping from their mobile device at affordable costs and convenience.
MPAYER by Zege Technologies – In the wake of mobile money, high transaction businesses can hardly keep up with mobile money demands. MPAYER aims to make Mobile Money payments with enterprises easier, more efficient and much faster than current configurations. It aims to make mobile money more malleable. Bizito by Nyaruka in Rwanda – A platform that allows anyone to create a premium SMS service and earn money, using nothing more than the cell phone they already own.
M-Shop by MTL Systems Limited – A platform allowing consumers to order, pay for, obtain and validate tickets for events, travel, goods & services. The solution provides USSD technology or a mobile application on smart phones to deliver this convenience at any time and from any location with a mobile carrier signal.

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