The Mobile Revolution Is Here, Confidence in Remote Shopping Highest, Says BuzzCity


BuzzCity, a mobile media company offering brand owners and agencies access to a global advertising network on the mobile internet,  released this email report explaining that education is a vital instrument for the growth of mCommerce . An illiterate populate can neither read nor write and that will affect their abilities to use the web and mobile devices. Also, it noted that the diffusion of the mobile services has correlated with the confidence and trust people put in the evolving ecosystem.


eCommerce has been making waves for years. Consumers have higher levels of trust and confidence in remote shopping than ever before. Yet there are millions of people in both developed and developing markets whose primary connection to the internet is via a mobile device. So, it’s surprising to those of us who work in the mobile internet, that the leap from fixed internet-based eCommerce to mobile commerce hasn’t been quicker.

The report noted that we are in the age of mobile evolution and these patterns, among others,  have been identified.

Financial Services are in PlaceBanks were the natural first movers in mobile financial services – offering a convenient extension of internet banking (with only slightly diminished functionality) over the mobile web. So, clients could now use their phones to check their bank account balances, manage credit cards or loans, pay bills, transfer money between accounts, and so on. This level of service has been available in various forms for a number of years.

Content Sells on Mobile

Mobile content has been selling well for years. Ringtones and ringback tones, a staple of mobile content, were the trailblazers, and have been a major revenue earner for carriers. Downloads of magazine and newspaper content, books, music and movies are a proven and growing market.

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