The Most Critical Skill in Business

The Most Critical Skill in Business

Few weeks ago, someone was about awarding a contract to my firm to advise his foreign startup on market entry into West Africa. It was a midsize advisory deal but could lead to bigger projects. We were to produce a roadmap; they would execute. We spoke, and agreed. But within hours as they were going through approval, I discovered that we have a conflict I had not known. I quickly wrote the firm to withdraw explaining that we would be unable to serve it. Certainly, the founder was not happy but was genuinely thankful.

Today, through his effort Zenvus would not be paying Amazon Web Services bill for years. This man went ahead and made introductions, linking me with managers in Amazon, offering kind words.  Unbelievable kindness for a man I derailed his entry into West Africa (on principles) and certainly cannot even discuss his plan anymore.

Email from AWS to Zenvus

As they told me many years ago in Diamond Bank training school: do not deplete your Trust Bank. Yes, that is the most critical skill in modern business. In this blog, some customers come here and pay more than the $20 per year subscription. I’d told my team to follow up with them to be sure it was not an error with Paypal or their bank. In all cases, they just want to support this blog (more on that in a blog this weekend).

We have noticed that most readers pay above our quoted subscription rate for Tekedia

In business, I evaluate people on three metrics: Trust (25%), Energy and Hardworking (15%) and Result (60%). Interestingly, you cannot get great Results without Trust. Trust means partners, suppliers, customers, colleagues etc have confidence in what you do or promise to do. There is no greater skill than Trust as you build. That mindset will expand your scale as the cedars of Lebanon.

Trust is key (source: slideplayer)

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That’s where interpersonal intelligence plays a great role, and you do not get trusted by mere invitation or wishful thinking, it must be earned. Interestingly, people have different metrics to measure or calibrate trust, so you must be able to demonstrate your competence in this all important skill called TRUST, by passing the tests, without even knowing when they were/are set.

Humans connect with their hearts, not heads, so for there to be trust, relationship is precedence. It is not science, and therefore does not follow a well defined methodology; but when you demonstrate brilliance and competence, men and women are likely to have faith in you.

Again, going by your story, it’s very clear that one must stand for something, else you fall for anything. With discipline laced with sound ethics, and abiding principles; it would be difficult for anyone not to trust you, all it takes then it’s to have a word with you.

That Trust Bank needs constant recapitalization and consolidation, especially in these trying times, when many people struggle to remember their identities. And when you have earned that trust from so many people, you are barred from misbehaving for the rest of your life; that’s the little price you pay in return.


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