The Moment – A Special Photo

The Moment – A Special Photo

I celebrate this photo. It was taken in my lab as a PhD student in the Johns Hopkins University. An alert had gone out that I had created something really awesome (the screen of the PC shows a layout of an integrated circuit or microchip). The chip had made it back from the foundry and test result was superb.

My advisor sent a note to the university IP team – a patent would be filed and the university asked the outside attorneys to come and interview me. I put on a tie and arrived in the lab, explaining the work.

Then, calls started. Intel Corp made an offer and a week later Analog Devices followed. I chose Analog Devices – joining 18 months later.  ADI offered the opportunity to work on creating sensors for iPhone and iPad.

I worked on the accelerometers and engineered the company’s first wafer level chip scale package for inertial sensors (packaging integrated on silicon). Then CMU called.

This photo – opened many opportunities. I was on tie! That spirit has not changed – we continue to design and create in Zenvus, bringing new nexus on how electronics can improve farm yield. If you can, get a top-grade education: it liberates your mind.


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