The Nigerian Company That Invested $500,000 In Its Software Applications

Infoware Limited is a Nigeria software solution provider that recently announced that it invested over $500,000 to improve its V8 software solution. The software tool helps organizations, especially the financial institutions to curb frauds.

They are upgrading the tool, owing to increase in financial crimes in the nation. The new tool will provide more intelligence and capability to manage and stay ahead of the bad boys.

My Uwa Agbonile, the company chief executive officer had stated during a press conference when announcing this giant investment:


“It pairs the most comprehensive and most powerful flexible business functionality with the most advanced and scalable architecture. This gives it power and opportunity to meet the challenges of today and opportunities of tomorrow”, he stated.


Over the years, Infoware has invested more than $1.5 million in software development. That puts in the league of SystemSpecs. Their main focus remains the financial industry, though it does branch out to energy, construction, among others.


What is Infoware?

The objective from the onset is to ensure that our clientele are provided with the cutting edge in today’s competitively minded business environment to solve their unique challenges. Our software solutions are customized to suit each individual client needs and can be further customized after delivery by each client to fit their business processes.

InfoWARE Global Investments is a comprehensive family of solutions that provide best-of-breed functionality, complete integration, scalability, ease of use and cost effectiveness. You the client get to pick and choose the solutions you want deployed in your organization.



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