The Nigeria’s New Anti-graft Agency

The Nigeria’s New Anti-graft Agency

Mr. President, Nigeria does not need another anti-graft agency. ICPC and EFCC are just enough. The news that a new agency to be called Proceeds of Crime Recovery and Management Agency is being planned makes no sense.  The Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, is wrong on this playbook. Your fellow citizens expect you to kill the idea. 

As I noted when I spoke in the National Assembly last year, the United States does not have a sports ministry but yet, it is one of the major sporting nations in the world. By running an extremely efficient sports management framework, the U.S. has the highest money per athlete development in the world, per capita. Yes, more money goes to develop athletes than bureaucracy as we have in Nigeria.

We cannot say we do not have money and yet we are opening new agencies which could be departments in the Federal Ministry of Finance or the central bank. Those looking for appointments should wait – Nigeria has none at this time. Kill this bill.

On Wednesday, the Federal Executive Council approved a bill to establish an agency that will take charge of proceeds recovered by anti-graft agencies in Nigeria.

The bill titled: ‘Proceeds of Crime Recovery and Management Agency Bill’ is designed to take the management of recovered assets and funds off the responsibility of the anti-graft agencies. The Attorney General of Federation, Abubakar Malami was directed to forward the bill to the National Assembly for passage.

The development was disclosed by Malami after the FEC meeting, presided virtually by president Buhari on Wednesday. The Minister of Justice said currently, recovered assets and funds are in the care of multiple government agencies, but the passage of the bill will ensure that the proceeds are in the care of a responsible agency.

“The bill is targeted and intended to have in place legal and institutional framework. The legal component of it is having a law while the institutional component is to have an agency that will be saddled with the responsibility of managing the assets that constitute proceeds of crime in Nigeria.


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One thought on “The Nigeria’s New Anti-graft Agency

  1. What is in proceeds of crime that requires a full blown agency to manage? Who did this thing to us? By the time you finish funding the agency, you will be looking for the ‘proceeds of crime’ it was established to manage; we seem to irredeemable here.

    This is what happens when you make those who are more suitable to head NURTW – attorney general, Yar’dua did same with Aondoaka or what’s the name, now Buhari gave us Malami, almost anything he touches is a disaster, and we are stuck with him. They are telling us that the assets are scattered across government agencies, and in their ridiculous minds, the only way to manage them is by establishing an agency. When you are so confident with your incompetence and clueless disposition, nothing ever appears shameful to you; that’s how low our managers have sunk.

    Can’t BPE manage the famed proceeds of crime? We really have super dishonest mafias running our affairs here.

    The evil men do…


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