The Nigeria’s Presidential Election Tribunal Fever

The Nigeria’s Presidential Election Tribunal Fever

As the 11th of September beckons with uncertainties for president Muhammadu Buhari, the PDP presidential Aspirant, Atiku Abubakar, and the Nigerian people as a whole, one can only hope for the best.

The Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT), is billed to announce its verdict on the controversial presidential election that saw Muhammed Buhari elected as president. The conduct of the election has been challenged by Atiku Abubakar on the grounds that Buhari lied to the Nigerian people about his certificate and therefore should be disqualified.

Buhari had submitted a sworn affidavit claiming that his WAEC certificate is with the Nigerian Army. A claim the Nigerian Army refuted back in 2015, through a statement by its spokesman Brig. Gen. Olaleye Olajide. It was until November 2018 that WAEC presented Buhari with a certificate. A gesture that Nigerians called foul play.

It is on the ground that Buhari contravened the Electoral Act, Cap 15, 2010, sections 31(1), 2 and 5. Which mandates every Aspirant to submit at least a secondary school certificate as educational qualification that Atiku is praying the court to nullify the presidential election.

INEC is also a co-defendant with president Buhari for admitting a perjured affidavit in the place of a certificate as stipulated by the constitution. There is also the issue of alleged transmission of results to INEC servers which does not correspond with the results announced by the umpire through collation centers.

However, Nigerians are expressing mixed feelings about the judgement come September 11. The Hashtag, #AtikuIsComing has been trending, and Nigerians are using it to express their hope and fears.

A Twitter user, Mr. Stanley Nwabia wrote:

“Just have it at the back of your mind that whichever way PEPT rules, the HONOUR will be on the Judiciary and the SHAME will also be on the judiciary. Nobody can taunt you over the path you decide to follow. You’ve done your part.”

“If the knowledge that you are going to die one day, anytime does not cause you daily heartbreaks whenever you wake up from sleep every day, why must you fret over whatever PEPT rules tomorrow? Stand firm on what you belive in, be proud of your choice.

“Tomorrow’s PEPT ruling, no matter which direction it goes, will change Nigeria forever.”

Chele Olisa wrote:

Another 9/11 is upon us. We will cry or shall we smile? Will Nigerians rejoice in the justice and impeccability of the judiciary or will we weep at how they’ve been reduced to nothing? I hope and pray that this judgement won’t see technicalities,

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