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The Nvidia Moment

The Nvidia Moment
Nvidia chip

Microsoft is a platform company because more revenue is generated by many companies which rely on many Microsoft products than the revenue generated by Microsoft. In other words, when you examine all the companies that run on Windows and Microsoft 365, and calculate the total revenue those products support, they beat whatever Microsoft is making out of the products. That is one feature of a platform.

Today, in the hardware business, Nvidia is the most important semiconductor/ microelectronics company in America (I did not say in the world, as TSMS rules the world therein). Nvidia is a clear platform, and it has demonstrated the capacity to transmute into something new whenever necessary.

During the boom years of gaming, Nvidia led. Then Bitcoin and cousins came in the cryptocurrency mining, Nvidia was there. Today, it is all about AI and Nvidia has become the plug. Left and right, this is becoming a special company and Nvidia has a moment.

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Good People, Nvidia is a great technology company which has a real chance of becoming a new generation technology leader at scale: “Sales for the quarter ending in July will come in at about $11 billion, the company reported Wednesday, far beyond analysts’ forecasts of $7.2 billion. ” You do not deliver such without having category-king products. This company is emerging as a critical company of the 21st century.

Nvidia’s sales forecast has left Wall Street’s expectations in the dust, and then some. Sales for the quarter ending in July will come in at about $11 billion, the company reported Wednesday, far beyond analysts’ forecasts of $7.2 billion. The chipmaker’s stock jumped more than 25% in after-hours trading, continuing a rally that has pushed up shares more than 100%for the year. Driving the boom: the firm’s burgeoning business making chips for AI calculations in data centers.

Those computing engines “excel at parallel processing,” Bloomberg notes, “which makes them well suited for training software by bombarding it with data.”


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  1. The kings that power the digital economy are not talked about enough, and Nvidia sits up there. It’s one of the few companies whose share price is not dependent on speculation, it’s a testament to place of engineering in modern economy.

    Nvidia is one of few companies which double as both the foundation and pillar upon which the superstructure we know as digital economy is built on.

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