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The Plea for Likes and Shares in Nigeria’s Content Creation Market

The Plea for Likes and Shares in Nigeria’s Content Creation Market

Nigeria’s skitmakers and pranksters have emerged as dynamic figures within the country’s digital landscape, blending creativity with humor to capture the attention of audiences across social media platforms.

However, they have adopted a peculiar rallying cry: “Please, like, share, and comment.” This seemingly innocuous phrase carries a deeper significance when examined through the lens of Karl Marx’s insights on capital accumulation.

Imagine these content creators as modern-day artisans, crafting digital skits and pranks to captivate their audience. In Marx’s worldview, their labor is the wellspring of value, yet under the sway of capitalism, this value often flows elsewhere. The content they produce is designed to beckon likes, shares, and comments – the lifeblood of social media platforms. As users engage, the value of their labor accumulates, akin to the hidden surplus labor that underpins capitalist economies.

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But a more intricate story emerges when we look at these creators’ aspirations. Beyond the lure of viral fame, they are vying for a place of influence within their digital realm. The refrain, “Please, like, share, and comment,” is their plea for recognition, an attempt to establish themselves as authorities in a realm where attention is the new currency. It’s as if they are striving to build a following, akin to Marx’s vision of workers seeking validation for their contributions within a system that often disregards their true worth.

However, a twist of irony permeates this narrative. While these creators endeavor to shape the digital landscape, they remain ensnared within the very system they hope to conquer. The likes and shares they amass contribute to the profit margins of the social media platforms they use, echoing Marx’s concerns about the concentration of wealth in the hands of those who own the means of production.

The phrase “Please, like, share, and comment” carries a weighty significance. It encapsulates the creators’ quest for recognition and validation, a yearning for influence within a realm dominated by unseen forces of capitalism. It’s a reminder that even in the age of digital innovation, the echoes of Marx’s observations on labour, value, and the struggle for a fair share continue to reverberate.

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