The Post-Coronavirus World Looks Scary

The Post-Coronavirus World Looks Scary

The post-coronavirus world looks exceedingly scary; here are ten things to note.

  1. Many global schools will rescind admissions to foreign students.
  2. Many scholarships will be cancelled as endowments, state funds, donors, etc try to recover from market collapse.
  3. Nations will become more isolated since pains are largely shared internally. 
  4. The vision of the rise of all will dim because pains cannot be outsourced. 
  5. In the coming months, massive dislocation in the job market will rattle nations and markets.
  6. Companies will collapse – and many startups will follow as funds become scarce; the rich losing $trillions will inhale first.
  7. Many African nations will experience nano-crises and strikes, with governments exceedingly overwhelmed to serve citizens.
  8. Crude oil and commodities will pay huge prices as nations tighten supply chains by ordinance of national security, well ahead of global trade.
  9. Coronavirus has killed thousands but its impacts will kill millions as governments cut social services, support to the poor, etc due to drying up of resources.
  10. Surveillance of citizens for better tracking will win over individual liberty: if grocery shops and farmers are required to track goats from farm to table, governments will push for more invasive tracking of humans to help containment of infectious disease. 




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4 thoughts on “The Post-Coronavirus World Looks Scary

  1. Some nations won’t recover from the current crisis in another decade, the impact will obviously outlive many holders of power today.

    We were dancing for years in the alter of globalisation , sprawling supply-chain, relatively cheap products; but no one saw that decades of gains could be eroded in few months. None of the analytics or futuristic predictions got a clue on this one, we were all gamed!

    Oil could fall below 0$, that’s one of the predictions right now, because once the cost of storage becomes higher than the Oil price, you need to pay people to even use the oil; that’s where we are headed, if we can’t get a handbrake on this runaway train.

    Trust will reduce in our world, because no country that scales through this ordeal will trust another wholeheartedly again. Nationalism and populism will gain massive weight, while globalisation will take a backseat.

    Stock values are disappearing, millions of people will be out of job, and most governments will run out of options; then uprising will start springing up here and there.

    The kind of austerity that will be coming in the next couple of years will be unprecedented, it’s no longer a case of amassing debts, because most donors/investors have lost their cheque books!

  2. Let’s take this a bit easier folks….It’s all just unfolding!!, as gloomy as it looks, there is a silver lining SOMEWHERE within!!
    Let’s Hang in there Folks!!


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