The World In 2050, South Africa Loses The “S” In BRICs Nations

We have a new report from United Nations, Goldman Sachs, and World Bank estimating the top 10 economies by GDP in 2050, the population and global spread of wealth. We will focus on the top 10 economies data.


The numbers in billions of US dollars are as follows:


China $70,710

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USA $38,514

India $37,668

Brazil $11,366

Mexico $9,340

Russia $8,580

Indonesia $7,010

Japan $6,677

UK $ 5,133

Germany $5,024


Please note that Japan will be displaced from the present 3rd position to 8th. US loses the top position badly with China nearly doubling the US GDP. The most interesting is that Germany loses to UK. Germany is Europe’s top economy today. Why is that going to happen? No clues.


But the main point here is that South Africa does not make it. All the BRICs nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) make it. South Africa has been advertising that they are the “s” in the BRICS is nowhere. We wish that promotion translates to real impacts on people’s lives.


Of course, everything here is an estimate. Last 25 years, no one mentioned China. But today, they dominate the world. We could be surprised that Nigeria can sneak in. It is all about execution and vision and it can happen.


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