The World Runs On Records – Put Some In Your Resume!

The World Runs On Records – Put Some In Your Resume!

You cannot explain these things.  AS Roma, the Italian football giant, has appointed Jose Mourinho as its new head coach for the 2021/2022 season. Yes, the special one returns. There is a business lesson there: people with prior great results continue to be recycled despite the abundance of new people looking for opportunities.

Jose Mourinho has made a surprise return to football after being announced as the new Roma manager for next season, signing a three-year contract.

Mourinho was sacked as Tottenham manager on April 19 but has made a quick return, the Serie A club confirmed on Tuesday.

“Thank you to the Friedkin family for choosing me to lead this great club and to be part of their vision,” Mourinho said.

“After meetings with the ownership and Tiago Pinto, I immediately understood the full extent of their ambitions for AS Roma. It is the same ambition and drive that has always motivated me and together we want to build a winning project over the upcoming years.

You cannot make this up, as one CEO leaves one job for another job, and another CEO from another company fills it up. Jose has moved from FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, Chelsea, ManU, {vacation in my village}, Spurs, and now is gifted another via AS Roma.

Why? He has the rings – Champions League which means he is validated, and no human can dispute his pedigree despite the effervescence of near-relegator with Chelsea a few seasons ago, and his recent results.

That is what happens in American football – the NFL. You cannot be retained as a  TV expert-analyst if you have never won the Superbowl, either as a coach or as a player. Without the rings, Jose would be expanding the size of his TV to watch the games in his house.

Records, records and records build careers. Even when they begin to fade, the kingmakers always default to the man or woman with records. Put some great records in your resume! 

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Very true Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe. Inter Milan won the league over the weekend. They last won it 11 years ago with Jose Mourinho. He led Inter Milan to an unprecedented treble. The first and the only Italian team to have achieved such a feat.

Upon his announcement, AS Roma’s share jumped up by 12%. On a day that the semi final of the most prestigious football competition in Europe is to be played, Mourinho is trending.

Talk about an iconic brand on or off the pitch!!!

The media are agog by now in Italy. No content sells like the controversial “special” one. Hate or love him, you can’t ignore him. He is an institution in his own class.

Forget the shenanigans and the conspiracy theorists, class is indeed permanent and form is temporal!

The special one, welcome to ?? once again!


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One thought on “The World Runs On Records – Put Some In Your Resume!

  1. When you talk and people respect or revere you, they don’t do it because you are handsome or tall or huge, rather they respect your history.

    The best way to know a nonentity is once he/she utters, do you know who I am? Just forget the person, because all those with history and recognisable personality are known.

    Jose pocketed $23 million for getting sacked, only to be unemployed for just two weeks…

    Some will climb on top ladder to be seen, some will climb trees to be noticed, some climb fence, some stand on top roof – just to be seen; but if you are important and with strong pedigree, even if you lie down or enter inside ground, those who make the call are still seeing you, ahead of those dragging their shirts.

    Make yourself indispensable, and the world will continue to congregate around you.


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