The World’s Most Impossible Man!

The World’s Most Impossible Man!

This man seems out of this planet. Yes, Elon Musk is offering to do a contract the city bureaucrats have quoted for $1 billion at a time duration of 4 years, for $30 million and within 6 months: “Elon Musk told Miami’s mayor Friday that The Boring Company could dig a two-mile tunnel under the city for as little as $30 million — a fraction of the $1 billion price tag once quoted by local transit officials. Musk also told the Mayor that The Boring Company could complete the job in six months, versus the original four year estimate.” 

When you discuss a new basis of competition, this is a great example. Great companies set a new basis of competition, making it impossible for competitors to exist.

If you run a business where you are quoting $1 billion to do a job in 4 years, and another is asking for $30 million for 6 months, you will agree with me that you are out of business.

Mayor Francis Suarez shared these details about his “wonderful call” with Musk in a video posted to Twitter. “He’s focused on trying to deliver a project that will have the maximum utility for our residents for the least amount of money,” Suarez said. “The order of magnitude in terms of savings is significant.”


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4 thoughts on “The World’s Most Impossible Man!

  1. Bad news for funny politicians and their lackey bureaucrats.

    Democracy will become effective only when you have well informed and independent-minded citizens, that way, no idiot will come around with ridiculous cost projections on public infrastructure, because everything will be easily verifiable and within reach.

    If we cannot innovate on things that would make living life easier and cheaper for the small guy, then we are just playing intellectual sophistry.

    Just three percent of the estimated cost, while slashing the duration by more than eighty five percent, you will be embarrassed if you were to be the one that quoted the original cost. Of course if you are shameless, you will tell us that he won’t do it well or yours would last for five hundred years!

    But being that the world is full of mean and dishonest people, if Musk were to quote this in Nigeria, by now both kidnappers and hired thugs must have encircled his residence, asking for his head.

    To save humanity from total destruction of itself, you need high dose of wisdom and courage; else the vultures will eat you before you complete a sentence.

    World of wonders!


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