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The World’s Risk Now And The Message from Trump

The World’s Risk Now And The Message from Trump

People, there is a big problem in the world. And that problem can consume a big part of the human race. Yes, the US/NATO and Russia are now in an asymptotic relationship (flash back to secondary school Further Mathematics: an asymptote is a line which gets closer to a curve but never touches it in the finite distance).

Yes, as Russia ramps up in Ukraine, the US sends more weapons, and Russia ramps up, and the US ups its own game, and you have a vicious circle which will likely lead to something bad.

Ex-President Trump explained it clearly: it is a tank today, it could be nukes tomorrow. In other words, this thing will keep rising until one activates those nuclear warheads. This is very scary. And Trump is right on the money. As in asymptote, the construct is that the line will touch the curve at infinity. For geopolitical war games, that is the destruction of the human race.

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Someone must #lead in this world.

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Comment 1: We have written severally on why they must pursue a peaceful solutions but it fell on deaf ears simply because of “ego”.

For now, let them settle the superiority agenda once and for all even if it is going to consume them.

One thing is sure, it won’t be world war but an European war.

No more colonies to be coerced into fighting for colonisers.

For once, Europeans will learn what it means to be a refugee.

Just my personal opinion/view and I may be totally wrong.

My Response: in primary school, my teacher explained that the northeast trade wind blows and brings the harmattan. In secondary school, in Geography, I had to plot that trajectory. If you check it, if you nuke any part of Europe, the chance the wind will blow into Africa is clear. So, do not think anyone is safe . You may pray it does not happen in Nov-March when the dust from the Sahara can cause more problems. The summary: any war between US and Russia is a world war and will affect all!

Comment 2: Dear Prof. I was wondering if you have written anything or come across an insightful piece that explores a viable way to end the war? Peacefully, of course. Please share with me.

My Response: I have read a lot actually but the solutions are apart. From RT (Ukraine should commit to not joining any military alliance and implement the Minsk agreement, an agreement to give some areas in Ukraine more autonomy. From NY Times, Russia should withdraw and allow Ukraine to follow its future.

Comment 3: At least for once you accepted Trump was right and Biden was wrong. Seems the Left is setting Biden up for eventual discard like Cuomo. His usefulness is over

My Response: I actually agree with Trump on most things even though I voted against him due to his education policies. I voted for Biden for one thing: expand opportunities for minorities in America via education. Nothing more as there is no difference between the two on core issues (if Trump is the president now, he will be doing what Biden is doing). For me, I believe that US govt should give more scholarships and forgive more student loans.

This is personal since without the govt scholarships I enjoyed, the $67,000 yearly school fees in Johns Hopkins would have prevented me from studying there.  I want everyone to have that opportunity and not just the 1%. So, I vote for one thing: who can open the pipeline for many via education. Trump reduced that fund. Biden has removed the lid. That is all I care about!

Comment 4: Prof, I never understood what an Asymptote was in secondary school. But with this explanation, I think it’s loud and clear. I hope the US/NATO line doesn’t meet the Russian curve.?


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  1. The article and comments discuss the escalating tensions between the US/NATO and Russia, likening their relationship to an asymptotic curve that gets closer and closer to touching but never does. The concern is that this continuous escalation could lead to a catastrophic event, such as the use of nuclear warheads.

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