The Yemi Osinbajo-led Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan 2020 [Download, PDF]

The Yemi Osinbajo-led Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan 2020 [Download, PDF]

The Vice President Yemi Osinbajo-led Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan 2020, commissioned under a presidential committee, has been released. This report was produced to evaluate how to mitigate the paralysis which Covid-19 has brought to the Nigerian economy. The outlook is extremely depressing. Download the report here (pdf).

Non-oil revenue, largely made up of taxes, has also practically dried up. This is because, like several economies around the world, Nigeria is faced with paralysis of economic activities due to lockdown measures in the Federal Capital Territory and the key commercial and industrial centres of Lagos, Ogun and Kano States. In addition, several other State Governments took similar steps to slow the spread of COVID-19 in their respective territories. These have cumulatively resulted in supply chain disruptions, suspension of commercial activities and large-scale job losses.



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One thought on “The Yemi Osinbajo-led Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan 2020 [Download, PDF]

  1. Pick a sector, make one bogus statement, then write some nice lines under it, then throw up financial figures.

    Pick another sector, repeat as above, do same again and again.

    It’s same way you were taught how to build an aircraft or a profitable business in classrooms, even when the person lecturing you hadn’t done one before. And till today the world is still waiting to see your own aircraft in the sky, or your business breaking all financial metrics out there.

    Yes, they wrote over 70 pages, on bringing Nigeria’s economy out of the woods, by dropping N2.3T (about $6B), and once you inject this paltry figure, the economy will roar!

    They said they want to cultivate more arable lands, but they didn’t state the current yields per hectare, and compare to other African countries. So, according to them, to grow your food base, just take up more land and farm. Oh yes, super intelligent people working to make your life better!

    The recurrent expenditure is touching N5T, they have no clue on how to bring it down, and they didn’t tell you why NNPC must retain its current workforce. But they want to sustain your economy…

    If they are really convinced about this, can each of them bet their job? That’s the easiest way to resolve it.


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