theRIM London commends Zenvus’ work on sustainability and smart farming

theRIM London commends Zenvus’ work on sustainability and smart farming

theRIM, an online platform dedicated to the curation of insights and ideas around the issues of sustainability by exploring the nexus of cities, business, global affairs, technology, design, and lifestyle, has published a brilliant piece titled “Big Data for Big Challenges”. African agtech pioneer, Zenvus, was one of the companies mentioned as leading the way on this global redesign:


Advancements in the field of the ‘internet of things’ (IoT), a term referring to the connection of millions of ‘things’ via networked sensors to more easily generate and transmit large volumes of (real-time) data, hold equally strong potential for helping farmers improve their output. Equipped with data gathered from sensors in the soil or on their cattle (see e.g. Connecterra) or satellite and drone imagery, farmers can make well-informed adjustments to their systems.

Sensors are also used in agricultural fields to monitor aspects of the environment such as the weather situation or soil conditions to help farmers achieve optimal crop production. Nigeria-based Zenvus Smartfarm, for instance, collects data on things like humidity, temperature, PH, soil moisture, and nutrient levels, etc. and uses cloud-based advanced analytics to extract insights and help farmers understand what is happening on the farm.

theRIM is a modern space that sources compelling questions and solutions on how to move towards an enduring future. In an email, theRim noted that “Zenvus’ work is part of the important effort to enable and facilitate a sustainable transition. … we greatly admire what you do”.

Please read the piece here – a very brilliance one.

“Zenvus’ work is part of the important effort to enable and facilitate a sustainable transition…we greatly admire what you do”…theRim, London


About theRIM: 

Established by Ascha Lychett Pedersen and Ijeoma Onyeji-Nwogu in 2016, the curators have backgrounds in the private sectors and as consultants to the UN agencies with vast experience working with energy, climate change and inclusive industrial development. Eager to translate complicated relations into tangible information, the concept of theRIM as a conduit for a new kind of dialogue on sustainability was born.

As theRIM evolves, each topic will unfold from introductory pieces framing the underlying ideas into microsites that dynamically connect everything from opinions, interviews and articles, to user friendly how-to guides, podcasts and case studies. theRIM is designed to become the quintessential interactive exploration of sustainability that will keep expanding as new knowledge is added. Ultimately, theRIM will pursue surprising partnerships between companies, influencers, organisations and institutions to realise projects through which big and small ideas will be tested.

Sustainability as a topic remains abstract and the challenges it entails can often seem overwhelming to the individual. By leveraging the power of visuals and storytelling, theRIM sets to cultivate and engage a caring global community, which we hope to inspire to take meaningful action across the world no matter the location, climate or funds available.


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