Think positive. Be positive.

Think positive. Be positive.

If you hate your teacher, you will likely struggle in that class. If you hate your school, you will not have energy to give your best. And if you hate what you do, you will remain unsettled to be better on it. And if you hate your country, most times, your mind will not be open to see the “good” in it.

For all the mess going on Nigeria, your option is to overcome despair with optimism, and in that construct see why the billionaires are getting richer, and startups minting $millionaires, even when those sleeping under the bridges have lost their “homes” [very unfortunate].

President Buhari’s problems cannot be your absolute problems; deal with what you can control. What you can control is this: tomorrow is a promise and I can make it work. Yes, you are in school. That unemployment is high should not be a full concern. Rather, the focus should be developing skills and graduating with good grades.

Live positively! The sounds of crickets will come through. The happy birds will break. And the future will turn into acres of diamonds!

Think positive. Be positive.


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