This App Will Help You with Basic Swahili

Nkyea Learning Systems is home to talented and experienced software engineers and linguists who create African language-learning software products.


We all know the joy of being understood. We also know that to understand something means to be able to describe it. Enjoying happiness and harmony is closely interconnected with comprehending the world and the people around. With this concept in mind, Nkyea Learning Systems gives you the means to communicate freely. Our software runs on all standard operating systems, such as Windows, Macintosh, iPod touch, iPad and mobile-apps Mobile Phone platforms.


Wherever you are in Africa, take us along! We will make you successful, for understanding is the way to success!


This App will take you through essential words and phrases that will help you with basic conversation in Swahili. The App contains 18 lessons packed with high quality audio instruction by a Swahili language professional from Kenya.


All the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to achieve the goal of basic conversational competence are covered. This App contains a huge amount of material designed in such a way to make learning Swahili as easy and enjoyable as possible!


In addition, this App includes game elements to help motivate you as you learn – earn badges as you take quizzess and progress through the course! There is no other Swahili app like this on the App Store! This App is all you need to start speaking Swahili.

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