This June, I Will Run Business Masterclass Sessions In Churches In Nigeria

This June, I Will Run Business Masterclass Sessions In Churches In Nigeria

I will be in Nigeria this June to deliver the Special Message on a major event in the nation. While in the nation, I plan to speak in 3-5 churches, on business masterclass, bringing our seminars to the domains. Tell your church to email my team; we will work out scheduling for the remaining spots.

The seminar mirrors our typical works for banks, telcos, and startups, except that instead of using Aliko Dangote and Warren Buffett as case studies, we now use biblical leaders like Esther and Nehemiah. I have developed materials for churches by extracting key business lessons from the bible.

Nehemiah teaches me more about planning and strategy than any living business leader.

When Nebuchadnezzar II destroyed the Temple, circa 587 BC, during the siege of Jerusalem, it was unfortunate. Building the Temple, around 10th century BC to Yahweh, had taken years.

Nehemiah grew up, and rose to become one of the key men in Persia (in modern Iran): a cup bearer to king Artaxerxes of Persia, and later, the king made him a governor of Persian Judea. Nehemiah needed to rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah demonstrated great vision when he sought from the king to approve to use timber from the king’s forest. In Persia, a law existed that no human can waste timber from the king’s forest: the king’s timber went with the king’s builders and security. Simply, if the king approves this timber supply, the wall will be rebuilt!

Yes, Nehemiah rebuilt the Jerusalem city wall circa 408 BC. Specifically, the wall was rebuilt within 52 days despite wars.  Later, Roman Generals Titus and Vespasian destroyed the Temple within the city during the siege of AD 67 – 70.

I hope to speak in your church.

The Timber from the King’s Forest

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The Holy Book has all the manuals, management and economic frameworks for anyone who knows how to interpret and apply knowledge differently, not just for heavenly candidates. If you understand the Book, you won’t have any reason not apply intelligence when dealing with men and women, rather than just waiting on artificial miracles.


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