How three geeks are fixing scholarship problems in Nigeria via ScholarX

How three geeks are fixing scholarship problems in Nigeria via ScholarX

Education all over the world has become increasingly expensive. Three guys are trying to fix that problem for Nigerian students.

ScholarX is an app designed to help Nigerian students both home and abroad access available scholarships to mitigate the high cost of university education.

Once the students download the app from either Play Store or Apple App Store, and then install putting some pertinent information in the setup process, the list of available scholarships will show up. They have designed the app to make it possible that the list is correlated with the qualification of the students.

From there, the students can then apply. This is a dynamic process that saves the students efforts and time by helping to filter the list based on their qualifications.

ScholarX was founded by Abayomi Johnson, Maxwell Ogunfuyi and Bola Lawal.

According to the trio, the initial idea came from Maxwell, who realized how hard it was for him to access available opportunities in Nigeria and he sought to compile local based scholarships, with an intent to eventually convert into a mobile application.

The partners got together and after some brainstorming and analysis, decided to move forward with creating a platform that curates local and foreign scholarships and Nigeria.

They plan to go Africa-wide but at the moment, they offer only Nigeria-based local scholarships in the platform. The foreign scholarships cover U.S, Canada, UK and other leading nations.

The app is available here.

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