Three Opportunity Platforms that African Youths could leverage on for free

Three Opportunity Platforms that African Youths could leverage on for free

Information is the new currency of this era. For African youths, the issues are many on different fronts. There is the issue of lack of access to relevant information that could help transform their lives and dreams. On another hand, there are a lot of distractions that could make them lose focus while searching for information especially on the internet. Whether they like it or not, the new age is the age of information and it is the coin spent in advancing careers or getting other opportunities. Welcome to the era of information explosion.

As a youth advocate, my concerns have always been about how youths in Africa would be assisted in getting relevant information to lift them off the social and economic obstacles on their way to achieving their potentials. In this light, I believe in providing specific and direct information to them in order to cut off distractions. This is why I have made this collection of links and websites that could give the needed information and safe them from information overload. This piece takes any youth who cares to read around three websites that could give them the information they need to advance their careers through scholarships, competitions, fellowships and grants.

#OYA Opportunities. This is a platform that provides information on different opportunities that come in form of scholarships, academic conferences, competitions, student exchange programmes and entrepreneurship events. The platform describes itself as “a connecting link between youngsters and organizations that have information that would assist them add colour to their dreams.” It is a global platform that curates important information on different aspect of life and makes such available to the youths to leverage on. It assists organisations to make available opportunity information to their desired targets.

#Opportunities for Africans. This platform makes opportunities that are meant for Africans available to young African youths. It curates opportunities for Africans by both continental and  global organizations. The website prides itself as forum that connects Africans to opportunities around the world. From job vacancies, scholarship opportunities, fellowship and student exchanges to grants information and others meant for Africans, OFA is the right platform to find them. One unique thing about this platform is that it is specific and direct with the information provided.

#Opportunities Desk. As a desk, the website warehouse opportunities for youths to leverage on. The platform puts information on jobs, grants, fellowship and competitions. It also provides a chance for beneficiaries to share their experience with subscribers. It also features an OD Person of the Month. This person must have been a past beneficiary and his life, career and job would be chronicled.

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