Thrive As ONE Nation, Nigeria

Thrive As ONE Nation, Nigeria

Let us work together as ONE Nation. Let us see ourselves as ONE. Let us treat one another fairly and justly. We are ONE people and we are Nigerians. As  I have said here many times, in Secondary Technical School Ovim (Abia state), we had a very popular Mathematics teacher. Mr Bukar in JSS3 initiated us into Mathematics. We became the group of Bukar for Maths. He was excellent; villagers admired him. Across our nation, our diversity could be a strength to outperform.

We have one President and we want him to succeed. And part of that process is asking him to speak as the leader of the nation. Imagine if President Buhari had said, “My fellow citizens in Southeast, I want to assure you that I will do all to protect you and your properties. This government cares about your wellbeing. But those causing troubles in the region, this government will go after them.” He is human and simply removing “civil war” in his statement would have shown leadership in his warning to bad guys.

That is critical. Why? Even if there are robbers and criminals in the Southeast, the nation must not declare war there. Go after bad guys but do not make it a war on the innocent citizens.

I am very confident that Mr. Buhari has learnt on this and his choice of words would be moderated henceforth. Also, I expect Twitter to be back. We have more important things to deal with than blue birds. God bless Nigeria. Happy Sunday.


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