Using “State of Residence” over “State of Origin” in Nigeria

Using “State of Residence” over “State of Origin” in Nigeria

To President Buhari: “Mr. President, thank you for the opportunity to be in your presence. I have come here to tell you to build a New Nigeria by working with the National Assembly to abolish “state of origin”. More than 90% of our national problems are connected to that line in our national forms where irrespective of where one has lived, that individual remains tethered to his or her biological ancestral roots.

“We need you to change this abnormality of “state of origin” to “state of residence”. Through that mechanism, what would matter is where you live and how many years you have lived there to establish residence.

“If we build that structure, we will drive to make people see where they live as their eternal community, and that would make them do everything necessary to make it thrive.

“Until Nigeria does this, we will continue to underperform and our racial lines will not be blurred. ” Thank you for your audience.

(Mitt Romney, a US politician, was born in Michigan state, became a governor of Massachusetts state, and today is a Senator from Utah state. Nigeria needs to make such possible through state of residence, and not state of origin. We need to be Nigerians, and nothing more.)

I am reposting this for the current paralysis in Nigeria. For the full piece, click here.

One Policy That Will Change Nigeria For Good – Abolish “State of Origin” for “State of Residence”


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One thought on “Using “State of Residence” over “State of Origin” in Nigeria

  1. Chinonso Emmanuel Okorie · Edit

    I think we should use both state of origin and state of residencd to ensure that no one is diseffeanchised. Nigerians move a lot around the country.


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