Time for declaring national emergency on security in Nigeria?

Time for declaring national emergency on security in Nigeria?

The Osun robbery as described by the Police: ‘The police spokesperson, Yemisi Opalola, confirmed the incident in an interview with Premium Times on Thursday morning. She said the armed robbers were about 35 and they came in five vehicles to carry out the operations.

“They attacked Ikire Divisional Police HQ and the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) pinned down at Ikoyi-Osun with several explosive devices and several gun firing in a bid to subdue the capacity of the Police while attempting to Rob First Bank Ikire and Access Bank Apomu respectively.

“It is unfortunate that ASP Osho Oluranti, Inspector Lekan Olalere, Two (2) Special Constabularies; namely Oladeni Olalekan, and Oyedeji Muyideen were shot dead in the process….’

Did you read that? 35 robbers at once and they began by taking down the Armoured Personnel Carrier. Time for declaring national emergency on security in Nigeria?


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One thought on “Time for declaring national emergency on security in Nigeria?

  1. Even robbers now move on convoys, and they know the probable number of policemen available in a Police Unit, so it’s very easy to overrun them.

    The major challenge is that Nigerians were never prepared for the amalgam of challenges facing Nigeria today, so there’s really no cohesion on how to address these new trends.

    A country like Israel prepares its citizens, both on economic front and security, because it knows that it will always have detractors and adversaries, but for Nigeria and Nigerians, every occurrence is greeted with trepidation and confusion.

    To have a future as a people within this geographic space, what we need to start teaching the kids from creche and throughout their formative years needs to change, because nothing is the same again.

    The NYSC programme at inception was a brilliant idea, but in our typical fashion, we have made nonsense of everything about it, and we are still wondering why intolerance and hatred are on the increase. If we had prepared all the educated youths on national consciousness and peaceful coexistence, the old guys wouldn’t have succeeded in corrupting them.

    We are not just ready for any challenge, and we continue to waste space here, thinking that we are actually important…


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