Simply Believe, Nigeria Will Rise As A Nation

Simply Believe, Nigeria Will Rise As A Nation

By 2030, I expect 80% of richest Nigerians to have made money from technology. Nigeria is having its finest cambrian moment on the formation of enduring companies. The last time we were this bold, on entrepreneurial capitalism, was in the early 1990s when some of Nigeria’s current leading banks were established.

The 1990s gave us the new generation banks. The 2000s brought voice telephony. The 2010s ushered mobile internet. The 2020s would deliver the era of application utility across industry sectors and market territories.

We will see software systems change the ordinance of markets by “eating” frictions along the way. From education to healthcare, from financial services to logistics, and beyond, it would be exciting. The empires of the future are being built – get ready, Nigeria is a promise!

And forget the lost 8* years under the failed general. Nigerians will rise above his shallowness, stupidity and absolute mess, from the lagoons of Lagos to plains of Sokoto, from grasslands of Yobe to rainforest of Owerri, from plateau of Jos to mangrove of Calabar; #believe.


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2 thoughts on “Simply Believe, Nigeria Will Rise As A Nation

  1. The same 1990s gave us viable independent media organisations, else we would have stuck with only NTA and Radio Nigeria…

    This current decade is very critical in many ways, and it will certainly end with tech companies being front and centre. The value migration to technology is inevitable.

    It’s possible that 90 percent of the kids born in the last ten years would own a smartphone by 2030, and as majority of the citizens become digitally aware; value will naturally shift to tech and its constituents.

    Only lazy and confused bunch spend the better part of their time thinking only about politics and politicians, those who understand where the future is headed are already taking their positions.

    No smart person will ever give up on Nigeria, because nations don’t just disappear. Anywhere you find humans, there are business opportunities there.


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