“To Succeed in Career Development, Passion must Match Vision”, Says Ndubuisi Ekekwe – Vanguard Newspaper

“To Succeed in Career Development, Passion must Match Vision”, Says Ndubuisi Ekekwe – Vanguard Newspaper

The Vanguard has a nice piece on LinkedIn Local Lagos 2.0 event; I presented the Keynote. The message remains: your passion may not provide zobo, nkwobi and amala. You must match it with vision to find success, and pay for the zobo, nkwobi and amala.

The second edition, LinkedIn Local Lagos 2.0 held on Saturday May 11, 2019 which was put together by Kayode Abass and Joel Pereyi featured keynote speaker, Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Chairman Fasmicro Group, who spoke to attendees what it takes to build capacity, the challenges.

Prof. Ekekwe said that for anybody to succeed in career development, passion must match vision and that is the only way one can make in life.

He said further that passion will help to remain to your target during challenges especially in this part of the world where there is operational environment are very harsh for any business to succeed.

Prof. Ekekwe who spoke on “Discovering Your Passion & Mission Accumulation of Capabilities, gave a 3-step approach towards executing your capabilities, hinged on his personal experience.

I have already summarized this talk here.

  • Harmonize your passion and mission to ensure pursuing your passion can pay your bills. Missions should be short-term goals you set in your career. As you get those missions done, you will be closer to your career vision.

  • Build and accumulate capabilities to make the mission happen. These capabilities include knowledge skills (from schools), networks and contacts, acquired job experiences, etc.

  • Execute and make those capabilities work. The best phase after accumulation of capabilities is using them to fix personal and professional frictions: rents, family upkeeps, grow businesses, get promotions, etc.

Summary of My Today’s Speech at LinkedIn Local Lagos on Careers


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