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Top 5 Attributes of the BlackBerry Bold 9900

It doesn’t lose its shape

The new Bold 9900 is very similar though better aesthetically than the previous version. It loses the horrible fake leather back and replaces it with a form of carbon fibre- much more stylish. The device keeps its QWERTY curved shape and the screen shape, and though the screen manages to grow by .2inches the BlackBerry manages to get thinner and is now a slim 10.5mm – the thinnest BlackBerry ever.


Its screen

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The new Bold 9900 has a wonderful new screen featuring Liquid Graphics which is a 640×480 offering and so good for a screen of its size – 2.8inches. This screen is a capacitive touch screen and does feel wonderful and accurate. It is also a good quality screen and colours are well represented on it. Overall this is a huge improvement in display terms on the other screens BlackBerry has made and especially the touch screens.


Processing Power

The new BlackBerry has a new engine, in fact the new engine is double the power of the previous versions of the device – it is a 1.2GHz processing goliath that is capable of all playing business applications that BlackBerry users will ever want.

The power plant is well able to multi task and browse, as well as playing the heaviest business applications BlackBerry users will need to edit and use on the move.



Though not a large camera the 5 megapixel snapper of the BlackBerry Bold is more than adequate and comes with a surprisingly good autofocus feature. BlackBerry has never been acclaimed for their cameras, however this one is a good attempt and BlackBerry can hold their head reasonably high. It also has a 720p record feature which looks good on the 2.8inch screen it must be said, and is a perfect pixilation size for it.



BlackBerry OS7 is also an improvement on the previous versions of the company’s operating system. It is fast and responsive and you could not really fault it; it is a leap where the others were a step.


The Bold comes with all the necessary gear for a business person and has all the favourites like Documents2Go and of course BlackBerry messaging for encrypted messaging and email. OS7 makes the most of this and is a great forward move for BlackBerry who will no doubt see this device become as their most popular for a long time.


The Bold 9900 sticks well enough to the traditional BlackBerry design to make it popular with fans of the phone series, while at the same time offering some great new features into the mix. This is one of the fastest BlackBerry phones yet, and certainly the best touchscreen offering that RIM have produced. At the same time, it offers a perfect combination of touchscreen and physical interaction.

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