[Breaking News] Tekedia Receives Multiple Google Plus Invitations for our Readers

Yes, we are now the respected platform of tech in Africa. Google just confirmed it. We were invited to preview this Google plus.  To cap it, they sent us multiple invitations to give our readers.


Starting tomorrow, all the people that sent their emails will receive the links. We have 20 invitations.


We apologize for the confusion initially. This is what happens when many people are running a ship from more than ten locations.


Now, send your email and when we reach 20 , that will be it.


Please this is FREE and we are not selling anything. And it is first come, first serve .


You will receive the link tomorrow.  We want to do it once and then conclude. Please when you sign, we will appreciate if you can come back and comment your link. We want Google to know we indeed gave it out to our readers.  


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