Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011, Tekedia is Disappointed: No sub-Sahara African (Black) Judge

We are not playing any race card here. Far from it. But we have watched most of the programs organized by Microsoft. They get blacks into the mold just to make governments feel happy to buy Windows. But when it comes to capacity development, Microsoft cares not. For all the noise in this company, it has not done much for Africa. Tekedia is truly disappointed with Microsoft.


Microsoft refused to build a lab in Africa even as it sees growth. It is doubling its salesmen daily in Africa while it builds innovation centers in Asia. Till today, Microsoft has no single research center in Africa. They just think we do not have it and we are good to borrow and buy their software.


Ok. they spend few thousands to refurbish some labs in East Africa. Yes, that is a university lab. We mean Microsoft lab or design center, Microsoft does not care.


Case in point. In the just concluded Imagine Cup final, there is no black sub-Sahara African that could qualify as a judge. No representative from Africa, we mean a black African. In other words, Microsoft never really cares what we do. We usually smile at ISPON members of Nigeria that are largely software merchants but parade themselves as software practitioners. When no black man from Africa is considered qualified enough to travel to judge these kids, that should tell them that selling Microsoft products do not make them experts.


Yet, African newspapers will give them free press and they will deceive governments making all think they are adding value.


Except Barry Dwolatzky, from South Africa, a white man, no other African made it.


This is the list of the judges and that has become how Microsoft operates. But if it to launch one product where they will rake sales revenue, then we will get experts call.


But think of Google. They are genuinely interested in building capacity. They use our people and mix them with their people. That way, we get better.  Shame to Microsoft !


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