Top 5 Photo editing apps

Top 5 Photo editing apps

Whenever we think about photo editing the very first name that crosses our mind is the Photoshop application by Adobe Inc. The truth is that the word Photoshop is not only a noun anymore; it has become a verb. So, when we have to say ‘let’s edit the photo’ we usually instead say ‘let’s Photoshop the photo.’ No one can deny that Adobe Photoshop is one of most incredible photo editing tools in the market. It comes with a slew of amazing tools and features that are not there in many other apps. But this application does cost a lot of money and everyone cannot afford to buy the license. This is why people are looking for cheaper or free, yet effective alternatives. Here are the top 5 photo editing apps.


  • Snapseed

While talking about the photo editing apps, there is no way we can forget to mention Snapseed. This photo editing tools is truly unique and offers some really awesome features. Well, after all, it is owned by Google. People say that it is one of the finest photo editing apps offered for the Android users. It comes with the special support for the raw images. In fact, this feature is very delightful. Then there are easy enhancement tools and effective sliders to play with. The filters offered by this app are also very amazing. What’s most incredible is that this app is totally free. You don’t even have to make any in-app purchase. All the features are there for no cost at all. If you wish to run this app on your windows, then you must visit Snapseed for PC complete tutorial guide.


  • Pixlr

This is another effective photo editing tool which has become very popular over the years. The app is very fast and offers easy basic photo editing and enhancement. It also has many features that have become quite popular among users. These filters are more famously called ‘overlays.’ Pixlr is free but there are some in-app purchases.


  • PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is also a very effective photo editing tool there is in the market. It has been extremely popular among the smartphone users. In fact, as of now it has been downloaded more than 250 million times. There are many features to enhance your photos, but it is its amazing filters that make it more popular. This is also a completely free app and there are no in-app purchases as well. What’s even great is that the developers of this app provide regular update with enhanced features and functionalities.


  • Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

For those who are searching for a bit advanced and cool image editing tool that has tons of features then they must try the new Bonfire Photo Editor Pro. Although it does include all the basic features of any image editing tool it also offers advanced options. This is why it is called pro.


  • Acorn for Mac

Acorn is the photo editing tool that is available only to the Mac users. It can be considered as the most reasonably priced photo editing application. It has the advanced features and much incredible functionality that are available only for $29.99



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