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Top Reasons Why Social Presence Is Significant To Startups

Top Reasons Why Social Presence Is Significant To Startups

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to have a powerful social presence because of its huge benefits. Social media has taken over especially from the hands of traditional marketing. Billions of people around the globe utilize social media every day and besides that, it also permits users to have connections with people they have no hope of meeting in the real world.

Social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on enables business owners to have a strong social presence if utilized effectively. By making use of smart marketing techniques on social media, businesses can use the chance given to connect with potential customers at the fastest possible time. They can also get to build a strong fanbase that can be converted into potential clients through the right sales funnel.

It is important to note that there is no age-barrier for users of social platforms, and it can greatly be of advantage to businesses. For instance, products for babies, toddlers, youths, and adults can be easily advertised on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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Larger companies have made tremendous achievements while utilizing social media to; market their business, thus it has served as a vital resource for entrepreneurs. Startups shouldn’t be intimidated by such and find a social presence for their business.

Here are the top reasons why social presence is significant to Entrepreneurs:

  • Connect with new people: The biggest strength of social media is the ability it has given to entrepreneurs to connect with new people they never dream of meeting in the real world initially due to the lack of resources, distance or language barriers. The company’s website can be viewed by potential customers on the other side of the globe in seconds. Additionally, products can be ordered and paid for in the same vein without stress. Entrepreneurs that carefully plan their business’s marketing strategies on social media can rapidly grow their following and rival larger companies for potential customers. Utilizing social media brought an end to traditional marketing methods to connect with huge groups of people.
  • Connect with fellow entrepreneurs out there: There is a well-liked expression that says – experience is the best teacher. The support of a fellow entrepreneur with adequate experience and knowledge is essential for a startup entrepreneur. Questions on the best way to start a business can be directed to fellow entrepreneurs regardless of experience. Utilizing social media sites such as; LinkedIn, Beyond, and so on will pave ways to come across fellow entrepreneurs that has the same determination to succeed. I have read many success stories online and heard from people who made use of social media to raise their game to the next level.
  • Low cost: In the past, budgeting of capital for the marketing of products is the last area newly established entrepreneurs look into; because of the high cost. However, with the advent of social media, marketing can be utilized effectively at a low cost. Entrepreneurs can make use of Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Campaigns or the sales navigator, and Instagram Ads to advertise their products to a greater group of people. What makes it interesting, entrepreneurs can market their products to the target audience. Furthermore; Hashtags, location-based  searches, and niche sites also connect business owners with customers easily.
  • Launches your brand: Social media is a suitable way to launch your business’s brand. Creation of social media sites will give entrepreneurs the chance to present their brand and gain total control of the content shared from those accounts. Creation of identity such as; logo, tagline, design, and color scheme that can be utilized on the company’s social media accounts gives the business a uniform look. Updating the company’s social media constantly will launch the company’s brand and build a following.


From the foregoing, it’s vivid that the significance  of having a social presence is enormous to entrepreneurs growth. In fact, it is increasing at warp speed. Thus, entrepreneurs must continuously take advantage of it to grow and survive in this competitive market. 

Besides, you don’t need much money to launch your marketing. A little time spent on social media can bring huge returns on investment to your business if utilized well.

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